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From which countries can I shop online?

E-shopping is possible in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Slovenia. You can shop and browse our website in many languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

How can I pay?

Le carte che accettiamo sono Visa, Mastercard, oppure puoi pagare tramite PayPal o PostePay. We accept Visa and MasterCard, or you can pay using PayPal or PostePay. We would like to remind you that, as in all the most secure payment systems, your credit card information will be encrypted. Your card will only be charged once your order has been shipped from our warehouse; if you use PayPal, you will be charged the moment you confirm your order.

What about by bank transfer?

On the Terranovastyle.com site it is not possible to pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

I have a promotional code, where do I enter it?

Once you have added your items to the cart, you will find the “do you have a promotional code?” window where you should enter your code.

What are your refund terms?

Once the goods arrive at our warehouse, Terranova will examine them and if they match the description reported in your email request for returned goods, Terranova will issue a refund equal to the value of the returned goods and notify you by email.

NOTE: Your card limit/account will be updated according to the timetable set by the company that issued your card (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, PostePay, PayPal).

Can I return goods purchased online to a store?

Yes, but only to a store in Italy.Click here for more information.

Can I order and pay online, then pick up in a store?

Of course! Terranova offers you the possibility to order and pay online and then pick up your items from the store of your choice without shipping costs. The items you order can be picked up in the store 7/10 working days from receipt of the e-mail confirming payment. REMEMBER TO TAKE A PRINTOUT OF YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION WITH YOU (OR REMEMBER THE NUMBER), TOGETHER WITH AN IDENTITY DOCUMENT OF THE PERSON PICKING UP THE PURCHASE.

Are the online prices the same as the prices in stores?

Prices may vary between one store and another, as between the online store and an offline store. Promotions can also vary.

If the items I want to order are no longer available due to lack of size or colour, will they be restocked?

In most cases this will not be possible, because they are out of stock.

And if the items I order are no longer available?

We will send you a notification indicating what is missing and we will proceed to charge you only for the items that are available.

How much does home shipping cost?

Shipping by express courier in Italy:

€ 5,00 for orders of less than € 30 of goods purchased;
€ 3,00 for orders between € 30 and € 50 of goods purchased;
€ 0,00 for orders greater than € 50 of goods purchased.

Shipping by express courier outside Italy:

€ 9,00 for orders of less than € 30 of goods purchased;
€ 6,00 for orders between € 30 and € 50 of goods purchased;
€ 0,00 for orders greater than € 50 of goods purchased.

How does shipping work?

The courier will load your shipment immediately on receipt of the email confirming payment, and it will be delivered within a few working days: 2-3 days for express delivery / 4-5 days for standard delivery (excluding Italy).

In the event of delays or problems with delivery, you will be notified immediately via e-mail.

Check your delivery details carefully; do not forget to enter the street number and any useful telephone numbers. If all the information is correct, it will be easier for the courier to find you and deliver your purchases as quickly as possible.

What if the courier does not find me?

No problem, the courier will try to make the delivery twice; if this is unsuccessful, you will be sent notification via email. For us, delivery will not be completed until the moment you sign for receipt of your purchases.

And if I want to return an item after purchase?

It is very simple, just fill out the form by clicking here, and specify the order number, product details (number below the bar code, size, colour, description and quantity) and the reason for returning your purchase.