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A successful business formula

Teddy is one of the leading companies in Italy in the retail distribution of clothing and is present on the overseas market in 34 countries.

A winning on consignment formula, over 50 years’ experience and 571 stores are the best guarantee for success.

Innovative marketing and visual merchandising projects, a unique and well-organized vocational training strategy for personnel and unbeatablevalue for money mean that our sales formula has no fear of competitors.

The franchising format 'on a sale-or-return basis'
A calculated risk

Our franchisees only pay for the goods sold, without the risk of unsold stock that is at the expense of the company including the collection of unsold stock at the point of sale. This business formula guarantees a powerful product range in line with market demands and an easy management of stocks with huge cost containment.

Guaranteed and constant profit margin
A great certainty

The profit margin for the franchisee remains unchanged and guaranteed during both regular season and the sale season.

IT support
The lighthouse of our work

Our management software guarantees stores with fast and accurate new ranges of goods sold in compliance with existing stocks. The franchisee can easily manage the several activities carried out in the point of sale: sales statistics, inventory check-in and check-out reports, staff shifts scheduled according to goods sold in the several working time slots, direct contact with the head company, etc.

Business analysis
No false starts

The opening of a new point of sale is a decision process subject to an accurate analysis by the Development Department team. No detail is overlooked, but everything is supported by tangible and quantifiable values thanks to the analysis of tangible elements such as the market area, the pedestrian volumes, the location of the prospective point of sale, the presence and sales results of our competitors.

Communication and Marketing
A crucial support to sales strategies

The brand image in the point of sale is managed by the Communication & Marketing Department through always fresh materials. The promotional strategy is carefully coordinated by marketing experts in collaboration with sales supervisors. When franchisees wish to promote the brands with local advertising events, the Communication & Marketing Department helps them with the planning of the event sending out all the materials needed. There is a corporate policy about local advertising events and actions regulating brand communication to final customers.

Permanent training
Guarantee for growth

For Teddy Corporate Group personnel training is a fundamental element for the development of a point of sale: store personnel must be trained by our experts with regard to corporate strategies and the most effective sales techniques, either at our company or in the pilot shops. The franchisees and their teams, even after the opening of the store, will be supported by our sales consultants and visual merchandisers.

The heart of the store

Each point of sale must have a stockroom inside or outside its premises, whose area must be suitable to allow a management in line with our sales strategies and needs. A store achieves the best performances only when supported by an efficiently-managed stockroom and stocks.

The requirements


Town centres of large or important cities
and shopping centres with a good market area.

Optimal sales area in Sq. m*

Excluding internal stockroom:

1000 sq. m

Total investement

The investment for the fitting out of a point of sale (furniture and lighting) is about 500 Euros per sq. m (excluding building works, systems and stockroom). The costs may vary depending on the size and the structural features of the store.

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