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About Us

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Origins. In 1961 Vittorio Tadei starts his adventure of entrepreneurship in Rimini, a lovely Italian coastal city, full of beautiful girls on holiday. After establishing Teddy, in 1988 he created Terranova. Today he employs more than 4,000 people, earns some money and can't wait to go to Heaven.


Friendly, casual, straight, fast. Fast Fashion and Low Cost. That's all, for now.


Well, we can say that Terranova has been recording impressive results and seen a steady growth over the last 20 years. However, those working in our headquarters are aware that this 'success' is not the real goal of our business philosophy, as there is more than this.


Do you want to have a 'direct experience' of our brand? If so, come to the Adriatic Riviera where you'll visit our headquarters and play beachvolley; or look for one of almost 500 points of sale located all over the world. For you, vibes full of life, everywhere, from Trapani to Moscow, from Copenaghen to Cairo.


We are a team. So, everything and more happen in the locker room. Follow us on Twitter and get ready to share everything with us



Without our franchisees, our integrated suppliers and a 'head' thinking forward, open-minded and team-driven, we would all be without a job, starting from tomorrow. So, it's better to keep on working as a 'Network'.

Public Relations

We don't deal with public relations. No PR, it's useless: we're not good at PR. Our forte is to meet people, have lunch with them, look into their eyes, and maybe even hug them.


Managing the distribution network, setting the world as our reference market (far before the WTO), always thinking through a partnership strategy including everybody - customers, public organizations (when possible) and suppliers - investing in our points of sale and not in 'drug' (advertising). In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s (and even in 1990s), thinking and acting this way was considered to have a vision. We're not able to tell you what means to have a vision today, but certainly the ultimate aim of all our 'visions' will always be the 'Dream' that will never fade away as long as Teddy will exist.


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