Our franchise formula: more than just business.


The Teddy Group has over 50 years of experience and boasts 600 shops in 43 countries… Over 50 years of experience and 600 sales outlets. Innovative marketing and visual merchandising projects, careful business analysis, a unique and well-organised personnel training strategy and unbeatable value for money make our sales formula a business solution that doesn’t fear competition.

Our on-consignment formula: a calculated risk


Every business has some risk, but our franchisees can tackle any risk in a carefully calculated manner as they only pay for what they sell, without having to worry about leftover stock that is at Teddy’s expense. What’s more, they don’t have worry about selecting sample collections and restocking, as this is up to Teddy, therefore drastically reducing internal structural costs.

A constant and guaranteed margin on sales outlet takings


A great certainty for our franchisees is their margin calculated on the takings, which is constant, even during clearance sales.


No false starts


The Teddy development team assists franchisees in their research and/or location. Carried out along with the franchisee, assessment analysis considers all the main criteria for finding the best location. After analysis, an income report is drafted for the store so the franchisee can decide whether or not to proceed with the project. For more information, click here.


One with Teddy


For us, it is essential that franchisees know everything about Teddy, its strategic vision and the organisation, so that they know our business culture and become a part of it. The company visit is therefore, fundamental and the basis of a great business relationship. For more information, click here.


IT support, the flagship of our work


Thanks to our management programme, franchisees can simply and effectively guide and control all store activities, from sales statistics through to personnel management, including restocking and efficient warehouse management, which is key to the store’s performance. Photo: store in Barcelona


Effective communication and marketing


Thanks to the support of our marketing office, franchisees always have up-to-date communication material and coordinated and visual promotional strategies developed by a dedicated team.

Lifelong training

For the Teddy Group this is one of the essential elements to guaranteeing the growth of the store: every year, experts train store staff, either at the headquarters or in pilot stores, before store opening and support franchisees and their teams constantly - from sales strategies through to visual merchandising.